High density recording

In a traditional linear tape drive the tape flies over the head. The head is mounted on an actuator that moves the head to follow the lateral tape movements. Because of the mass of the head, the bandwidth of the actuator is limited. This, in turn, limits any further increases in the track density of tape.

picture of head and actuator 1

With MEIIís innovative technology the head flies over the tape. The mass of the head is drastically reduced and the bandwidth of the actuator is increased.

Other benefits of our technology are:

The flying height of the head over the tape is independent of the tape tension and can be tightly controlled.
The head can only come in contact with the area of the tape that is accessed. Even if the number of passes required to read the tape is high, contamination of the head remains at a minimum.

picture of head and actuator 2
Patent: 7,054,101

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