Designing the next generation of tape drives with innovative technologies.

Mountain Engineering II specializes in developing and producing the technologies for the next generation of tape drives. MEII is an independent consulting group for Magnetic Tape Design. Our designs include LTO, DLT, 3590, 3490E, 3490 and 3480 tape drives. We are experienced in all areas of tape drive designs including: tape path, load mechanism, servo control, read/write, data buffer, error correction, data compression, host interface.

Our strengths are in the areas of tape drive patents, tape storage, motor control technologies, electronic motor position sensors, cartridge memory, SCSI, Finite Element Analysis, micro code, channel development.

MEII is conveniently located in Longmont, Colorado, in the heart of Boulder County. Boulder County has earned a world-wide reputation for attracting and keeping the best talent in technological innovation.