Project Development

Mountain Engineering II can develop your entire next tape drive for you. We will also work with your in-house engineering organization to develop any portion of the project.

Problem Solution

Unexpected, but unavoidable, problems are a big threat to a development schedule. Since our experienced engineers may have encountered the problem before, we can find timely solutions to help keep you on schedule. We also have priority access to numerous specialists in all areas involving magnetic tape drive design.

Design Reviews

Let us help you to find problems before they affect your schedule. An independent organization like MEII can take a fresh look at your project during the next design review period. Let our team of experts assist you in finding problem areas, as well as make suggestions on how to improve your design.

Intellectual Property Integration

We can help you incorporate our intellectual property into your next-generation tape drive.

High speed porous roller

The porous roller is only one example of our innovative technologies for tape drives. Follow the link for a complete listing.


We are engineers who specialize in magnetic tape drives, not lawyers. But we will closely examine your design and help you find patentable ideas. Many designs, including the seemingly trivial ones, have been patented. We can even draft the patent, if the need for one is indicated.

On the other hand, your design may infringe on a patent without your knowledge. We will thoroughly search the existing patents for applicable "prior art."