Tape Transport

MEII has developed several high precision tape transports that are ready for use.

MTS Transport
2' x 3' deck
36" tape path
ideal for use with instrumentation
Small Form Factor Transport
5.75" x 8"

Both transports use patented porous air bearings developed by Segway Systems LLC. These bearings guide tape gently, but with high precision.
The speed is controlled by our patented electronic position sensor. The closed loop tension system uses 2 tension sensors to monitor and control the tape tension.
Our tape transports can be easily controlled from a host in three ways:

1. From any terminal or any host with a terminal emulator (such as Windows HyperTerminal).
The software required for this interface is resident on the servo controller card and no additional software is needed.
Download or view a description of the user interface ServoConsole dated July 25, 2005 in .pdf format (44k, requires Acrobat reader 5.0 or above)
2. Through a Graphical User Interface (GUI) from a system with the Windows operating system.
Download or view a description of the GUI installation description in .pdf format
Download the GUI. (Right click on the link and select "Save Target As...")
3. From a host program DLL interface

The Transports are supported by Mountain Engineering II, Inc. We continue to update and improve the systems. If you already own one of our transports you can download the latest software version.