Sensor System
The MEII Optical Sensor is a test system that performs non-contact displacement measurements. It is especially suitable for measurements of tape edges.

Sensor Amplifier
The user is able to measure displacement changes from 100nm to 100Ám, at frequencies from 0 to 5kHz. No additional equipment is required.
The sensor is easy to use. To read output voltage, simply position the sensor head until two green LEDs are illuminated.

Sensor Head
For more information:
- Download the user's manual (.pdf file)
- Contact us at Optical Sensor@MountainEngineering.com.


Power requirement115VAC
Output range0.5V to 10 V DC
Linear region of operation3.0 to 7.0 V DC
as seen at the output into a high impedance load
Bandwidth0 to 5.0 kHz
Output impedance10 Ohm
GainSensor specific. The gain is noted on a label on the sensor